My Story


I was sick and tired of being sick and tired.


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Hi, I’m glad you’ve stopped by. My name is Tia and I am the writer behind Refined Health. I created this website to share my nutritious recipes ,my journey back to health and guides on how I did it.

My aim is to inspire others to create and lead a healthy active lifestyle, without restrictions and guilt.

I  have a huge passion for health and wellness (and desserts!). My passion for health started at a very young age. I was the child that was always participating in sport, I never sat down to watch television.  But, I was also the child that was always unwell.

I am a self taught healing coach, through extensive reading in both gut and mind health.


“Find something you love to do, and you will never have to work a day in your life”


This quote couldn’t be more true for myself!


Professional Life

In 2010 I completed a Sports Science BSc degree at University, I then went on to work within the NHS and become a Nuclear Medicine Technologist. I loved working with patients and caring for them while they attended their hospital appointments within the department. However, I felt that I could be helping these people stay fit and healthy and avoid visiting the hospital in the first instance.

In 2014 I decided to complete my personal training qualification part time over a year, while still working as a full time Clinical Technologist. After 5 years of service within the NHS, I made the decision to leave and work as a Personal Trainer full time. I was so happy, excited and nervous all at the same time. It was a huge risk to quit a full time, permanent, professional job, but I had to follow my dreams. I am so thankful and happy to say that it was the best decision I have ever made. I have been self employed as a personal trainer ever since and I haven’t looked back.

Helping people live healthier, more vibrant lives makes me feel so happy everyday!



My Journey

As a Personal Trainer, it is thought that health comes easy. However being fit and healthy has always been a struggle for me. Although I have always been active, and for the most part taken care of what I eat, I have suffered with gut problems, headaches, fatigue and stubborn weight for as long as I can remember.  As I got older the problems became worse and more symptoms started to manifest. It ended up, I had a symptom on every body part and hit rock bottom and on the brink of suicide age 23 (2012). I had seen many doctors over the years, that hadn’t and couldn’t help me.


My Symptoms

This is a list of the symptoms I experienced. At one point all at the same time.

1.Stomach cramps, gas and bloating

2.Constipation and diarrhoea


4.Fatigue – I was constantly tired

5.Rosacea on my cheeks


7.Dizziness and blurred vision

8.Runny nose when eating

9.Swollen tongue, ulcers and dry mouth

10.Teeth grinding (yes this is a symptom)

11.Swollen neck glands

12.Hoarse voice in the mornings

13.Throat tightening, difficulty swallowing

14.Tender breasts

15.Out of breath easily

16.Kidney pain

17.Under rib pain

18.Bladder pressure

19.Acid reflux


21.Always cold, cold hands, feet and nose

22.Tingling in face, hands and feet

23.Back pain and sciatica

24.Joint pain and swelling

25.Urinary infections

26.Constantly urinating

27.Constantly thirsty

28.Sugar cravings and binging

29.Depression, anxiety, paranoia, panic attacks, mood swings

30.No self worth, self confidence or belief


32.Constantly getting injured in sport

33.Constantly unwell with colds

34.Athletes foot and thrush

35.Dry eyes

36.Irregular and absent periods

37.Stubborn fat gain

38.Brittle nails, white spots and ridges

39.Hair loss, thinning and coarse

40.Dry skin

41.Wrinkled and painful fingertips

42.Trouble concentrating, brain fog, difficulty recalling words, forgetfulness

43.50+ food intolerance’s

44.Chemical sensitivities to perfume, house hold cleaners, car fumes etc

45.Blood in my urine

46.Blood in my stools

47.Chronic dandruff




What Dr’s Told Me

The Doctors told me that I had IBS, Depression and Acne, that there was no cure and no reason to my symptoms. There was no explanation for the rest of my multiple symptoms, other than I was a hypochondriac. Yes I got labelled this by qualified medical professionals.

For a little while I had accepted that I was always unwell and always had been, that this was my fate and that there was no cure for my symptoms. Additionally, I often questioned my sanity. Where the Dr’s right?

When I hit rock bottom, I knew that the only way to make my life better was to find the root to my problems and make changes. It was a long road to finding answers for myself and trialling many approaches.


Taking Control Of My Own Health

In 2014 I cut gluten out of my diet (after a NHS colleague suggested it) a lot of my symptoms vanished within days. I couldn’t believe it! All of my blood tests showed I wasn’t celiac – I didn’t realise that I could be ‘intolerant’. Some symptoms still persisted but I felt so much better. This got me thinking there must be something happening in my gut which was causing my problems.

In 2015 I cut dairy from diet after reading research on the connection between gluten and dairy intolerance. I found my symptoms became even better,which was great! But again, many symptoms still persisted.

Then at the beginning of 2016 I read an article on ‘leaky gut’ (gut permeability) and it changed my life! My whole body healing started straight away. Within a few weeks I was like a brand new person, with energy, clearing skin and a twinkle in my eye. It felt amazing to feel healthy for the first time in many many years!!

Every day of 2016 I read books, articles and studies about gut & mental health and all the illnesses associated with it. I compiled all of my research and came up with my own approach to healing, and it worked.

I am now free of all my symptoms and live a happy, healthy, vibrant life!


My Thoughts

I have come to realise that optimal health is not just about diet, but also about mind, body and soul. Your body is a true reflection of your mind, diet and lifestyle. The most healing I have found has been through changing my mindset about life, improving my self esteem and self love. Disease will manifest in the body from poor mental health, which may come many years later.

My advice for anyone looking to live a healthier, more abundant life is;

  • Eat a balanced nourishing diet
  • Include healthy fats
  • Do not eat processed foods with lots of chemical ingredients,
  • Do not eat polyunsaturated and trans fats,
  • Remove allergenic foods initially,
  • Exercise regularly, yoga often, meditate daily,
  • Get outdoors in nature,
  • Practice self love/care daily,
  • Drink plenty of fresh water and herbal teas,
  • Sleep a minimum of 8 hours each night,
  • Don’t use toxic products on your body or in your home,
  • Decrease the stress in your life,
  • Laugh a lot & do what makes you happy!

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