How I Healed My Food Intolerance

A few years ago, I never thought I would be writing about how I healed my food intolerance. For as long as I can remember I have had digestive issues. I knew certain foods would make me extra bloated, tired and in pain. But I didn’t know that I had multiple food intolerance’s. It wasn’t until early 2014 that I started to uncover my food intolerance’s. This is where my healing journey began.

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How I Healed  My Food Intolerance

Uncovering my 50 plus food intolerance’s was the best thing I have ever done for my health. Doing this, allowed me to realise that my body wasn’t diseased or failing me. My body was merely sending me signals, to let me know that something wasn’t right.

I often thought, if only I had realised the connection sooner! But, I came to realise this is all part of the journey to healing and self-discovery.


My symptoms included, but were not limited to:
• IBS – cramps, bloat, constipation, diarrhoea,
• Depression, anxiety and panic attacks,
• Constant fatigue,
• Red facial skin (rosacea),
• Insomnia,
• Dizziness and blackouts,
• Headaches,
• Low immune system.

The symptoms would exacerbate at times. I didn’t know why some days I would feel worse than others. In the end I started to blame my body, questioning why me?

This all changed when I realised there was a connection between the food I was eating and the symptoms I was experiencing.

After cutting gluten from my diet my symptoms dramatically improved. I thought this was it, I will be well again! Unfortunately for me, it was only the beginning.

Between 2014-2016 I started to notice more and more foods were causing my symptoms. Then at the beginning of 2016 I learned of the elimination diet. This is where my healing truly began.


Elimination Diet

After carrying out an elimination diet, I was shocked to find I had over 50 food intolerance’s. Lots of fruit and vegetables, dairy, gluten, soy, nuts and seeds to name a few. There weren’t many foods left that I could eat. Although I now felt amazing with little to no symptoms, I was also worried. How will I heal my food intolerance’s?

It was actually much simpler than I had anticipated. One thing I always believed from the start was that I would heal my body completely.

Here are the 3 steps I took towards healing my food intolerances.

#1 Diet

First off I had to uncover the food’s I was intolerant to. I did this by following a 30 day elimination diet and reintroduction phase.

When I started searching for a guide on the elimination diet and how to reintroduce foods, I struggled a lot! It took me a long time to put together my own guide. But by doing so, it made it very successful. You can get my elimination guide here.

After the 30 days elimination I was feeling better than ever! I had eliminated all the foods that were causing my body inflammation and stress. Then over the coming months I slowly reintroduced foods one by one. After doing so, I found I had over 50 food intolerance’s. I was shocked to say the least.

If you have a known food intolerance you must refrain from consuming any amount of it. If you do not, your body will become inflamed and cause symptoms. In doing so your body cannot heal food intolerance.

To allow my body to heal, I had to keep my inflammation low. I did this by following a low inflammation diet. This means that I ate only whole foods: vegetables, grass-fed meat, wild caught fish, fruit, coconut oil, and olive oil. I refrained from eating: processed foods, alcohol, caffeine, grains, beans, nuts, nightshades, dairy, gluten, refined sugar, soy and any food that was causing symptoms.

This may seem difficult, but it was pretty easy. I started to create my own recipes, to allow myself desserts while still following a low inflammation diet. I found that my desserts tasted better than the shop bought cakes I used to buy. It was a win win situation!


To support my diet and gut healing I included some supplements. Any gut healing protocol will include a few. Disclosure: you should work with a medical practitioner to find what is best for you.

The supplements & brands that worked for me:
Digestive Enzyme
Apple Cider Vinegar
Collagen Hydrolysate
Colostrum Powder
Milk Thistle
Natural Vitamin C
Magnesium Oil Spray


#2 Mind

Now this was and is a huge factor in healing food intolerance and the body!

20 years of depression had made me a very negative person. I didn’t believe in the good things or the positives. I would always find the negative of any situation, even if there wasn’t one.

There are proven links between the mind and the gut and vice versa. To heal your body you MUST have a positive outlook on life and healing. This is tough to begin with and doesn’t come overnight. For me it took 4 years to heal my suicidal depression, but I did it and I am so proud of myself!

However my mental health started to heal dramatically during 2016/2017. This was due to removing problematic foods, working on past traumas and realising that I could heal my body completely.

I read many books, journals, and blog posts on how to heal the mind and the connection to our bodies. The two books I found the best were:‘You Can Heal Your Life’ by Louise Hay and ‘Your Body Speaks Your Mind’ by Deb Sharpio.

Once I came to the realisation that my thoughts were creating my sickness, It was clear to me I could heal my health by changing my thoughts.

#3 Lifestyle

Lastly I had to make a lot of lifestyle changes. It does sound daunting, but I was so unwell I would have done anything to get my life back!


Believe it or not, our household cleaners, perfumes, body products and cosmetics are filled with harmful chemicals. The first change I made to my lifestyle was removing toxic chemicals from my home and cosmetics and replacing them with natural alternatives. I must admit it was tough finding natural alternatives, but when you know where to look they are abundant.

What I use:

Body Products
Clean Deodorant Balm Lemon + Geranium
Mint Fluoride Free Toothpaste
Coconut Oil as a make up remover
Zoya Nail Polish
Benecos Nail Polish Remover
Nature Coconut Soap
Shea Moisture Raw Shea Butter Moisture Retention Shampoo
Shea Moisture Jamaican Black Castor Oil Strengthen/Grow and Restore Leave-In Conditioner
Pure Moroccan Argan Oil 100% Organic – as a hair serum

Make Up
Liquid Mineral Foundation
Certified Organic Pure Primer
Mineral Bronzer, Sunkissed
Mineral Blush, Rosy Glow
Mascara Long Lash Black
Brow Pencil, Dark Brunette
Mineral Eye Shadow Duo, Gold Oyster
Lip Glaze Cinnamon


I have been using a body and face moisturiser from Nilotic which is amazing! So much so, my boyfriend uses it too..ha. If you would like to try their products you can use my code LOVESKIN453245 for a discount.

Household cleaners are easy to find in supermarkets, they will be labelled natural and Eco friendly. I generally buy which ever natural product is available.


My exercise routine was too intense! Exercise is beneficial for health, but it can become counter productive.

What I did:

  • Swapped 2 out of 4 of my weight lifting sessions for yoga
  • Cut running down to twice a week only.

HOW I HEALED MY FOOD INTOLERANCE - is still a lot of exercise for most people but I wanted to slowly reduce as I love exercise so much.

However, I know only practice yoga 5 times a week and body weight HIIT 1 day a week. I do however hope to incorporate weight training again sometime.


My sleep routine used to be very poor, I would stay up late, wake through the night and wake up early for work. Some nights I only got about 4 hours sleep.

Sleep is essential for health and healing! Therefore I made every effort to assure I was getting 8 hours minimum each night.

I did this by:

  • Meditating every night before bed.
  • Not using my phone in bed.
  • Sleeping in a dark room.


Everyone is aware of how harmful stress is to the body. I was always a stress head! I would get stressed easy and could never shake it off. By becoming stressed I was causing my body more harm.

The changes I made to reduce stress were:

  • Get a job I loved.
  • Unfriend people who were negative.
  • Find the positive in every situation rather than the negative.
  • Listen to positive affirmations.
  • Meditate daily.
  • Sleep 8 hours.
  • Reduce exercise intensity.
  • Remove food intolerance’s.
  • Remove toxic chemicals.
  • Eat a low inflammatory diet.

By a combination of all of the above, I healed over 50 food intolerance’s plus many other health issues. The whole body and mind is connected, meaning healing should be treated as a whole.

You can get my e-book here, on how I uncovered my food intolerance’s and reintroduced foods to start healing.



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