What is Refined Health About?

At Refined Health we believe that good health doesn't come from focusing on one aspect alone. But incorporating the mind, body and lifestyle.

This may sound intimidating but it is simple when you know how.

Refined Health is here to provide you with the tools and information you need to live a healthy, happy, vibrant life.

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Practice mindfulness to heal your mind & thoughts.

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Eat wholesome foods to nourish your gut & body.

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Move your body, rest your body, take care of your body.

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Hi there, I'm Tia the face behind Refined Health. 

I created Refined Health after suffering with IBS, depression, food intolerance's and fatigue for over 10 years. 

When I was unwell no one could help me and I had no option but to help myself. 

I went on to create a 3 step process that healed my IBS, depression, food intolerance, fatigue and many more symptoms.

I now want to share what I learnt with you, to help you improve your health!

Read my full story here.

Tia found through experience, that good health and wellness is only achieved when all areas of the mind and body are addressed.

Alongside this, creating a work/life balance is essential. This allows the body and mind to rest and recoupperate.

Your body is a true reflection of your mind, diet, gut health and lifestyle.

How Can Refined Health Help You?

As you are here, I guess that you are interested in improving your health and wellness.

You are definitely in the right place!

Refined Health provides you with the tools you need, to make improving your health easy!

Adopting a healthy lifestyle doesn't have to be difficult. 

Refined Health provides you with e-books. That help you take the first steps to improving your health.

  1. A guide to help you uncover hidden food intolerance's to heal your body.
  2. A healthy snack recipe book. The recipes are simple to make and taste delicious. 
  3. A FREE healthy recipe book to get you started with healthy baking 🙂

Healthy eating doesn't mean you have to deprive yourself of sweet treats!

Homemade nutritious recipes are a great addition to a healthy lifestyle.

Refined Health believes in balance for the mind and body.

All recipes are free from: gluten, dairy, refined sugar, soy, & grains.

Finding reliable health and wellness information can be challenging.

Refined Health provides you with weekly reliable blog posts.

Topics include; gut health, mental health, healthy recipes, tips and tricks to living healthy, health benefits of foods and supplements. 

So what are you waiting for? Get started on improving your health now!