No-bake Carrot Cake (Vegan, GF, DF, AIP, Paleo)

Before my food sensitivities came to light, carrot cake was one of my favourite deserts. Therefore, I decided to create a no-bake carrot cake, free from the top allergens.

No-bake Carrot Cake

Anyone that has eaten carrot cake, knows it has distinct flavours and a soft but crumbly texture. I wasn’t sure how this recipe would turn out, but thankfully it worked well. The recipe contains some traditional ingredients, carrot, cinnamon and nutmeg. However eggs, gluten and nuts are at the top of common allergens. With this in mind, I had to look for Carrot Cake - Paleo, AIP, Vegan, Gluten free, Dairy free |

Whenever I need a nut alternative, my go to are tigernuts. If you have tried any of my other recipes you will know by now how much I love tigernuts. They are so versatile and generally work in most recipes.

You can find out more about tigernut health benefits in my pancake recipe here.

Tigernuts can be eaten whole, raw, skinned, chopped, ground into flour or powder, and even drank as a milk. Replacing walnuts with tigernuts worked really well in this recipe, as you still get the nutty texture.


We all know that every carrot cake has a velvety smooth frosting, that is ever so sweet. The frosting compliments the cakes texture beautifully. Although the texture of cake and frosting is complete opposite, the spices are the same. Thus making them a match made in heaven.


The great thing about not using eggs and flour, is that all the ingredients can be eaten without baking. Nonetheless, it is hardly noticeable that this cake is raw. The texture resembles the traditional carrot cake and the taste is spot on. This is definitely a cake for sharing over a hot cup of tea.



You will find this recipe, along with other raw cakes in my free eBook here. If you are following an AIP elimination diet you will need to omit the nutmeg spice. You could possibly replace it with cloves, or allspice if you tolerate it.

If you are looking for more nutritious recipes, check out my snack recipe e-book here.


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