Healthy Snack Ideas – Paleo, AIP, Gluten Free

I often get asked for healthy snack ideas. For some reason people can’t put the words healthy and snack together. Therefore, I have put together a list of ideas on how you can prepare healthy snacks.

Healthy Snack Ideas

I understand how thinking of healthy snacks ideas can be difficult. We are inundated with supermarkets full of crisps, cakes and candy bars. Even television adverts are tempting us with their highly processed, calorific treats. Well fear not! Not only have I put together a list of ideas to help you out, but I have also created a snack E-book.


Think Ahead

Healthy Snack ideas- tips to snacking healthy with IBS |
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My first tip to healthy snacking is to think ahead. Do you have any social occasions coming up?

  • A holiday
  • Day trip
  • Long car/train/plane journey
  • Wedding or birthday party?

Whenever you are out of the house, away from your kitchen and ingredients, healthy snacking becomes a whole lot harder! But harder doesn’t mean impossible.

The Solution

Plan what foods are easy to transport, ones that won’t melt, spill or fall apart. For example, don’t go for something with coconut frosting. Choose foods that can with stand heat, and being knocked around in Tupperware. Something like banana loaf or date protein bars.


Choose Wisely

It’s all well and good choosing delicious and healthy sugar filled snacks. But what is not good, is choosing a snack, eating it and still being hungry. Being hungry may then cause you to start a hunt for something not so healthy (it happens to the best of us!).

The Solution

Choose snacks that are satiating. Meaning, something that fills you up, curbs your cravings, and satisfies you. Satiating foods are ones that are lower in sugar as they take longer to digest. A combination of fat, protein and fibre would be ideal. Such as my strawberry and coconut loaf pictured below, minus the frosting of course (recipe found in my e-book).

Healthy Snack Ideas - Strawberry & Vanilla Loaf - Snacks eBook - GF, DF, Paleo ||

Snack Prep

Next you need to prepare the snacks you have planned. Choose a day where you have a spare 30-60 minutes. In this time you can prepare and pack all of your snacks for the coming week or occasion.  Yes, it can be done that quickly! Speaking from experience, it is 100% achievable to prep, pack and even eat a sneaky few (shh.I won’t tell if you don’t). Obviously, If you have more time available you can attempt more time consuming recipes or batch prepare for the month ahead.

The Solution

Source your ingredients, choose a time where you have 60 minutes free. Get to work, pack them healthy snacks up and store in the fridge or freezer.

Alternatively, you can snack on foods that don’t need to be prepared. Such as; nuts, seeds, berries, ready cooked meat, tinned salmon or even just boil a few eggs and add some carrot and cucumber sticks. You can even buy boiled eggs and ready prepared veg sticks these days, there really is no excuse! It can really be that simple. We need to come away from the idea that a snack is a bag of crisps or a chocolate bar. A snack is what you want/need to fuel your body efficiently.


StorageHealthy Snack Ideas- recipes, tips, tricks and ideas on how to stay healthy while snacking ||

Picture this, you are half way through your 5 hour car journey, you fancy a snack. So you open up your bag to see some mysterious damp mark. You investigate further and see that your berries have squashed and leaked out of their container. Nightmare! Being prepared also applies to your Tupperware.

The solution

Assure that your snacks are stored and transported in containers that have a good non leak seal. Add some cool packs to your lunch box to keep things fresh, especially meats, eggs and veg.

Ideally, you would opt for glass containers. Not only are they hard wearing, and generally leak proof. They are also better for your health (think hormones ladies) and the environment. There are so many to choose from on Amazon. Like these for example, Glasslock Food Storage Boxes or Mini Clip Top Glass Storage Jars.


Pack Enough

Lastly, make sure you pack enough snacks for your trip. This is a big one, because if you only have one snack but need 3 then you will start looking for food elsewhere. Common sense hey?

The Solution

Plan out how may hours/days you are going to be out of the house. Think how many times you would normally grab a snack. Add 2 or 3 onto that number then you will definitely have enough with you. It is always best to have too much food with you, than not enough. This way you will not be caught out. Even before I had food intolerance’s, I always had some food in my bag, so I am definitely a pro at meal prepping!


If you are struggling for inspiration for snack recipes then you can check out my new snack recipes E-book here. If you try any of the recipes please let me know. I love seeing your recreations 🙂 You can tag me on Instagram or Facebook #refinedhealth


Well I hope that you have some healthy snack ideas after this post. If you have any healthy snack ideas yourself, that I haven’t mentioned above, please leave a comment below. I would love to hear what you do.


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  1. Jo merrett | 21st Jul 17

    Done the first leg of my holiday road trip today – Calais to Bayonne en route to Malaga. Done exactly that! Made some low carb muffin, and brought nuts and dark chocolate too! Great advice.

    • Tia Harding | 24th Jul 17

      Hi Jo,
      Oh how lovely! So glad you were prepared. enjoy!

  2. Helen | 22nd Jul 17

    Great post. Thanks for sharing. I’m never prepared and this is my downfall. Do you have a banana bread recipe that you like to use? C

    • Tia Harding | 24th Jul 17

      Hi Helen. Oh no it can be tough getting into habit of preparing food. Yes I LOVE banana bread. I have a few recipes and a new one coming to the blog soon. Blueberry & Banana bread, Maca & Banana bread, there is also two loaf recipes in my E-book

  3. Darryl | 24th Jul 17

    Thanks for these healthy snack ideas and suggestions – getting organised seems easy but we often need some pointers. Thanks for sharing!

    • Tia Harding | 24th Jul 17

      Hi Darryl, Yes something that can seem easy is often most challenging.

  4. Donna | 25th Jul 17

    Great article Tia, being prepared is absolutely vital to following a healthy diet. I’m off camping have packed a boot full of healthy food, it took me ages to get prepared but well worth it in the end!

    • Tia Harding | 1st Aug 17

      Thanks Donna.
      Oh have a lovely time. Yes it will definitely be worth the prep!

  5. Jo Romero | 31st Jul 17

    We’ve been travelling a lot lately and it’s so tempting to eat less healthily on the go – some great suggestions here, thank you!

    • Tia Harding | 1st Aug 17

      I know, isn’t it just. So glad they helped.

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